In partnership with Sketchie Design, Knectar created a brand new site for Chemex to mirror their product’s sleek design.

0 0

Wentworth Institute of Technology Digital Viewbook

Knectar had the chance to build a non-CMS micro-site for the Wentworth Institute of Technology in partnership with Stoltze Design.

1 0

Sleep Studio

A unique NYC boutique that needed a website to match their flagship location.

2 3

UMass Humanities and Fine Arts

With a recent decision that all University sites needed to be Drupal-based, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst College of Humanities and Fine Arts reached out to Transit Authority Figures and Knectar for a brand new site.

3 0

Jack Daniels

In collaboration with Arnold Worldwide, Knectar developed and maintains an advanced, globalized Drupal 7 based site platform. The architecture is built for performance, scalability, and security.

4 4

Sparx Hockey

A state-of-the-art hockey product needed a user-friendly site to meet its marketing, social media, and sales goals.

5 0

Eze Software

In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar has created a truly custom responsive site.

6 0

Eze Salesforce Integration

When Eze Software needed to integrate Salesforce with their Drupal forms, Knectar took on the challenge.

7 0

UMass College of Humanities and Fine Arts Distro

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is in the process of moving all of its department sites over to Drupal.

8 0

The Global Issue

A new digital publication presenting research and discussion on “the biggest issues facing the world” needed a user friendly, accessible site to expand its audience base.

9 0

Maintaining Magento Media

Keeping up with the neighbours, the Drupal family, in matters of efficiency.

10 0

American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)

In collaboration with AIER’s internal design team, Knectar developed an easy to use, responsive Drupal CMS.

11 1

Magnifico Design

Magnifico is a brand and web design studio located in Brooklyn, NY led by creative director, John Magnifico.

Magnifico Design

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12 0

Jack Daniels Japan

In response to increased web traffic from Japan to the Jack Daniel’s site, Knectar worked quickly to create a user-friendly website that catered to the language needs of an international site.

13 0

Standing up to a torrent.

Imagine your Magento store is getting flooded with traffic and there's no time to think.

14 0

Crocker Communications

In partnership with TSM Design, Knectar created a fully responsive Drupal site for Crocker Communications, located in Greenfield, MA.

15 0


A not-for-profit research organization with global exposure, Forsyth needed a fully-responsive, easily-managed site to highlight their incredible work.

16 0

Redirects for Multi-Store Magento Sites

Knectar releases a new Magento extension to help multi-store sites with their SEO.

17 0

Knectar's New Vision for Blocks

With a friendly UI and a variety of admin-controlled customization options, the Blocks Placer module brings new flexibility to Drupal.

18 0


In partnership with Fuzz Productions, Knectar developed information architecture and a mobile compatible video commenting system for Buzztala.

19 9

Streamlining Deployments with Beanstalk

A look into how Knectar has streamlined our continuous integration system with one 30-line shell script.

20 0


With an almost uncanny ability to see what you see in your mind, sketchiedesign is comprehensive, multifaceted, and has a flair for mixed-media that gives soul to every project.


View Site

21 0

"Thanks to your team for pushing through a complex and super hot website in record time."

- Jay DeDapper, Zazoom Video

22 53

Massachusetts Charter Public School Assoc.

MCPSA contacted Knectar when they found that their current Drupal website was not meeting their growing needs.

23 5

Cornerstone Software

In a partnership with the great design minds at White Rhino, Knectar developed a completely responsive Drupal site for Cornerstone Software that includes a new custom integration with Hubspot.

24 2

Order the Order Campaign

Knectar partnered with Arnold Worldwide on this exciting, game logic driven tool.

25 0

Knectar Data Dodger Featured on NPR

Knectar's own Josh Beauregard was featured on NPR this week along with Scott Meyer, CEO of Evidon, and Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo in a report on The Growing Art of Data Dodging.

26 1

Sinauer Associates, Inc.

Using in-house design talent, Knectar developed a Magento-based online catalog and eCommerce site.

27 11

Knectar hangs with the NERDS

Knectar makes not one, not two, but three presentations at NERD Summit 2014

28 0

The Order of Gentleman

In collaboration with Arnold Worldwide, Knectar assisted Jack Daniels in implementing a JQuery marketing campaign with interactive features and data tracking.

29 8


Knectar was initially engaged to program the changes to Fiksu's home page in Drupal 6, and continues to provide top-of-the-line advancements to their site.

30 18

Mayo Studios

A New York City based Photography and Design studio tailored to service home and lifestyle brands.

Mayo Studios

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31 0


A creative digital marketing agency specializing in direct marketing solutions, database marketing services and strategies, data analytics marketing, and multi-channel strategy.


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32 0


In partnership with Fuzz Productions, Knectar was responsible for the extension of an existing Drupal CMS back-end that supports an Android tablet application for L'Oreal Paris.

33 6

Harvard Medical School

Collaborating with White Rhino, this new Drupal based site re-design won a silver award at the 30th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards competition.

34 25

Joe Kennard Architecture

Joe Kennard architecture, WordPress Content Management System (CMS) site development, design implementation, customization of NexGen gallery, all in support of Stoltze Design.

35 17

Hopewell Partners

A consulting agency outside Boston that develops communication strategies for special initiatives.

Hopewell Partners

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36 0

Northeast IT

Delivering the highest quality information technology services to small and medium businesses.

Northeast IT

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37 0

Knectar Heads to Drupal Camp CT

The Knectar team is very excited about Drupal Camp CT: we’re a proud sponsor and two of our team members are hosting sessions!

38 0

"Knectar not only saved our project, but their leadership helped us avoid common Drupal pitfalls."

- Dave Kilkenny, Arnold Worldwide

39 28

Arch & Loop

A New York design firm focused on a clean, sophisticated approach to design.

Arch & Loop

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40 0

The Kavli Institute for Brain Science

Working with Stoltze Design and Libretto, Inc., Knectar developed information architecture for the Kavli website on a Drupal platform and achieved a trifecta of website brilliance.

41 7

RC Communications

Helping companies improve their branding, graphic identity, market research, strategic marketing, and business development.

RC Communications

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42 13

Harvard Business School Newsletter

In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed a customized newsletter that highlighted upcoming events and included social media sharing for use by The Harvard Business School.

43 10

Kelliher Samets Volk

Great people who do great things. And a dog named Frank.

Kelliher Samets Volk

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44 10

Tunnel 7

Web design, internet marketing, and complete online optimization.

Tunnel 7

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45 0

Store that data with the Extra Session Data API

A method and custom module that allows storing information about anonymous Drupal 7 site visitors: Extra Session Data API.

46 2

Jordana Amato, LICSW

Knectar built a simple brochure site on the WordPress platform for local Therapist and Mediator, Jordana Amato.

47 13

Darby O'Brien

Print, TV, and web campaigns that address the consumer head-on with a sense of humor and strategic edge.

Darby O'Brien

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48 0


User experience and interface development, creative direction, and website design.


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49 0

“linkit target” module released on

Knectar contributes linkit_target module to to bring the awesome WYSIWYG linkit module into HTML5 standards.

50 3

Genuine Interactive

A Boston-based digital agency built for the age of engagement.

Genuine Interactive

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51 0

Transit Authority Figures

An award-winning creative agency that delivers elegantly simple graphic design solutions.

Transit Authority Figures

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52 0

Zazoom Video

In partnership with Rock Paper Pixel, Knectar developed a bold website on the WordPress platform featuring a home page JQuery video slider.

53 14

Health New England

Knectar developed information architecture and wireframes for the Health New England Website.

54 19

The Mount Vernon Company

In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed information architecture for the Mount Vernon Company website on a Drupal platform.

55 23

September Productions

In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar optimized the existing September Productions website for mobile compatibility.

56 15

"Organized, thorough, down-to-earth, and incredibly patient in the face of changing requirements."

- Anne Piessens, White Rhino

57 46

Does web development exhibit fractal nature?

What aspects of web development might have an underlying fractal geometry if viewed through a particular lens?

58 0

Hampshire Regional Chamber

In collaboration with RC Communications, Knectar developed a static HTML/CSS based Website with a third-party Content Management System integration.

59 22

Jenz Ekedahl

Front and back, persistent Drupal exuberance and craftsmanship with a heavy metal sensibility.

60 2

Ansy Telfort

Mad genius front-end developer. Resisted Drupal for years because of purported "soup" issues, but has finally come around.

61 9


In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed the website and information architecture for Active Schools Acceleration Project on a Drupal platform.

62 20

Riverbend Animal Hospital

In partnership with TSM Design, Knectar developed information architecture for the Riverbend Animal Hospital website on a Drupal platform.

63 26

Speaking of Springfield

In partnership with TSM Design, Knectar developed information architecture for the Speaking of Springfield website using a Drupal platform.

64 24


In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed information architecture and a customized Magento eCommerce website for OESCO, inc.

65 21


A Drupal-7 content management system featuring gated content logic, Twitter feed integration with advanced filtered results, and complex node relationships.

66 27

MIT Deshpande Center

In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed the website for the Despande Center on a Drupal platform.

67 29

Chris Amato

Chris is the founder and technical lead at Knectar, a ten-person web development team located in Florence, MA. A former geologist, Chris brings 12 years of software architecture, programming and project management experience to the web production process.

68 0

"[Knectar has] proven to be more than a reliable vendor but trusted development and strategic partner."

- Todd Buffum, Senior Producer, Arnold Worldwide

69 0


In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed information architecture for the SiteSpect website on a Drupal platform.

70 30

Two Happy Homes

Using in-house design talent, Knectar developed information architecture for the Two Happy Homes website on a Drupal based platform.

71 32

Colebrook Realty Services

The latest and greatest from our joint effort with design partner Bidwell ID. This new realty site is likely to turn some heads.

72 35

Bidwell ID

Self-proclaimed brand obsessed planning geeks!

Bidwell ID

View Site

73 0

Jacqueline Wallace

Jacqueline brings a user research and design strategy background to Knectar. With a focus on innovation and social justice, she has worked with government agencies, philanthropies and tech start ups. She is a graduate of Parsons The New School for Design and UC Santa Cruz.

74 7

Coliibri Idea Sharing

Coliibri: A bold new concept in generalized idea collaboration.

75 33

Extraordinary geometry - A study in three dimensions

Extraordinary geometry - A study in three dimensions

76 7

The EZ-Speedy-Make me a grid for admin method(-ey)

Perhaps one of the most common requests on any Magento project is to make lists of things in the admin. The grid block supplied for this is a wonderfully versatile tool but woefully under-appreciated.

77 8

Harvard Grad School HTML Email

In partnership with Stoltze Design, Knectar developed a customized newsletter template for The Harvard Graduate School of Education.

78 12

Pavel Tishchenko

Pavel has been working in the IT field since 2003. He is a Drupal expert. Brings to life incredible ideas and makes the world a better place by supporting the quality of development standards.

79 11

Web fonts

As designers, and in working with our design agency partners, we have often been confronted with some level of frustration in the limitations of our web choices.

80 6


Using in-house talent, Knectar custom designed and developed a Magento eCommerce website that includes a full English to Arabic translation.

81 34

Selecting a default input format for Filtered Text In Drupal 7 for better UX

Providing improved usability for form and snippet embedding for content editors.

82 6

Arnold Worldwide

Offering clients a unique global creative capability. A proprietary Brand Essence approach allows for consistently developed powerful, integrated advertising initiatives.

Arnold Worldwide

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83 1

White Rhino

Complicated left untreated breeds more complicated, until it has compounded to the point of utter paralysis.

White Rhino

View Site

84 0

Monitor Talent

Knectar collaborated with Stoltze Design to develop an advanced Drupal-based speaker profile system.

85 37


Vioniq: A Drupal-based user-driven video portal and contest system.

86 38


Ever wonder what effect social media has on your self-esteem? Here's an except from one of our project manager's exploration of this topic.

87 10

How to make Magento elements show/hide on other elements' value

I am continually surprised by the features that Magento's framework provides. Today I noticed, when working on an admin form, that a class exists for automatically hiding elements when the value of fields change.

88 13

Josh Beauregard

As a web developer for 15 years, Josh supports our team with his technical knowledge of system administration, eCommerrce, Drupal development, and a knack for making the complex understandable.

89 3

Daniel Deady

Daniel Deady is a second-generation programmer, a Magento maven and master, and learnt his craft at the Queen's School of Engineering in Cardiff, Wales.

90 4

"Consummate professionals ... everything was on time and on budget."

- Michael Genthner, OESCO, Inc.

91 0

Checking shipping availability from zipcode in Magento.

Checking shipping availability from zipcode in Magento.

92 4

Redirecting Magento Customers After Log Out.

Our client NexxtShow uses a separate site for their CMS needs. They reasonably expect customers to be redirected to that site after clicking the 'logout' button.

93 11 - an all AJAX, JQuery intensive custom user interface that allows for seamless video and channel switching in a way that preserves SEO integrity.

94 39

Wanna Hava Cookie

Wanna Hava Cookie - Design by Rock Paper Pixel, Knectar implementation on a Magento platform.

95 36

Vermont Quit Network

A custom-themed and developed Drupal-based CMS implementation showcase built for Kelliher Samets Volk, and the Vermont Department of Health.

96 40

Allie Thorpe

Allie, who joined Knectar in 2011, oversees all aspects of Knectar projects, from project management, testing, quality assurance, and user guide creation, to estimation, specifications, and direct client communication.

97 5

Sesame Letterpress

An elegant WordPress site featuring an eCommerce component.

98 41

Pip-Squeak Chapeau

A customized and secure eCommerce solution that allows items from the Pip-SqueakChapeau product collection to be purchased directly through the site via credit card or PayPal.

99 42

Clarity First

If you can’t describe what your company does in plain, simple language, then it’s very likely that your customers can’t either.

Clarity First

View Site

100 9

Lotta Jansdotter

A fully customized eCommerce site that we are maintaining, continually updating, and upgrading.

101 48

Karina Laurenitis

A tech writer who was desperate to find something more interesting to do than write instruction manuals for inkjets.

102 6

Our Voices Exposed

Our Voices Exposed - In collaboration with Kelliher Samets Volk, Knectar implements an advanced Drupal theming system.

103 43

Michael Zaremba

With a background in customer service and a decade of front-end coding experience, Michael provides Knectar with a balance between technical knowledge and client relations expertise.

104 1


A custom-themed and developed Drupal-based CMS implementation built for Kelliher Samets Volk, and the Vermont Department of Health.

105 44

Nexxt Show

An experienced team of trade show professionals push the trade show industry to the next level.

106 45

Ari Metz

An artist by trade, Ari uses his creative talents to help Knectar with a range of projects, including assisting with the design of the new office space.

107 8

"The folks over at Knectar make outsourcing easy."

- Matt O'Donnell, Cramer

108 31

Merchant 4

A fully customized Magento eCommerce site.

109 47

Amber Krasinski

A former marketing intern and front office manager, Amber makes sure Knectar’s office runs smoothly. She assists with everything from office administration and general business logistics to CRM management and social media support.

110 10

Mass Energy

Complex subscription & billing models built on a legacy database architecture.

111 49

Children's Chorus of Springfield

Community website featuring Flash, JQuery, XHTML/CSS development.

112 50

CFL Corral

Custom e-commerce development for CFL advocates.

113 51

Forsyth For Life!

A stylish site developed in partnership with Stoltze design; tailored to users of all ages.

114 52

Beehive Media

The best visualizations allow you to see things in the data that are not readily apparent.

Beehive Media

View Site

115 11

3BL Media

Knectar was engaged by the 3BL group to provide advanced video integration extensions to their Drupal system.

116 54

Bedroom Furniture Discount

Using in-house design talent, Knectar developed a Magento-based multi-store eCommerce application with advanced Content Management System capabilities.

117 55

Arnold Worldwide

Working with EuroRSCG, Boston, Knectar developed a robust, multiple content type Drupal CMS with advanced information architecture for Arnold Worldwide.

118 56

Green Fields Technology

Always about happy clients and successful projects.

Green Fields Technology

View Site

119 12


2010's largest global agency measured by total global accounts.


View Site

120 5


One of the top 25 independent full-service digital marketing & event solutions companies in the country.


View Site

121 6

TSM Design

Look like you mean it!

TSM Design

View Site

122 4

"The Knectar team always seems to strike the right balance of creativity and structured execution."

- Ben Keeler, Director,

123 16

Stoltze Design

Client-focused & results-driven strategic thinkers & innovative designers.

Stoltze Design

View Site

124 2

Fuzz Productions

A highly creative design and development team based in Northamption, MA and New York.

Fuzz Productions

View Site

125 3


One of the largest global advertising agency networks with headquarters in both Chicago and New York.


View Site

126 7


A fully customized Magento eCommerce site serving retail and wholesale customers.

127 57

Rock Paper Pixel

New York based designers producing stellar visual identity packages for businesses.

Rock Paper Pixel

View Site

128 8

Educational Video Center

In collaboration with Rock Paper Pixel, Knectar custom themed and developed a video showcase site using the Drupal platform.

129 58

The definitive Magento controller for admin pages

When answering questions I often see outdated information and confusion about overloading adminhtml controllers. So, for the sake of reference, here is the modern way of making a controller.

130 12

7th Generation

Landing page and Flash banner development supporting Kelliher Samets Volk and Seventh Generation.

131 59


Search engine optimization, web marketing consultation, blogging & social media training.


View Site

132 15

The FRIGHTFUL tale of the Magento upgrade path of DOOM!!

When wanted to upgrade their store from Magento version 1.3 to version 1.6 we of course lept at the chance to assist, on condition that it first be tested on a secondary server.

133 5