Boston Based Trillium Brewing Gets a New Drupal 8 Website

Thirsty? Let’s see what’s on tap at Trillium! Our latest success story is the brand new Drupal 8 website we custom built for Boston’s Trillium Brewing Company.

Simpler than Boston’s City Grid

The name of the game on this project was simplicity and performance. Trillium recognized that the main goal of their new Drupal 8 website should be to allow their customers to get information fast. So one of the first exercises we undertook in our process was to determine exactly what we wanted our user’s journey to be. Fewer clicks lead to happier customers.

But not getting in the way was only half of the battle. We wanted users to enjoy a sleek, elegant experience as well. That led us to identify ways we could optimize the site’s performance. To begin we implemented our propriety concoction of advanced caching methods. We also provided a baked in integration with TinyPNG for no fuss image optimization.

Still Gorgeous

Just because simplicity was a goal clearly did not mean that we had to compromise on aesthetics. Our design partners, Fair Folk, did a phenomenal job of creating a gorgeous design which we thoroughly enjoyed crafting into a Drupal 8 theme.

Beautiful, striking images of Trillium’s beers and locations draw the users in. But clear, minimalist typography is what allows the user to find what they need. We were meticulous in assuring all relevant information was available to customers without falling into the trap of presenting a dense, overwhelming experience. The point where you first lay your eyes on the website to knowing exactly where to go and what you’ll get doesn’t take more than three clicks.

I’ll Have What They’re Having!

Are you looking for a few Drupal 8 website? Or are you just looking for ways to optimize your existing site? Contact us for a free assessment. Your customers will thank you!

Collaborator: Fair Folk