Sparx Hockey (Velasa Sports)

Project Brief

Enterprise Magento Website Development at its finest.

Spotting a need in the hockey community for an easy-to-use skate sharpening tool, Sparx Hockey developed a revolutionary product that allows skaters of all abilities to get professional level skate edges. The Sparx Skate Sharpener helps hockey players maintain the quality of their skates,  all in the comfort of their own home.

To promote the product’s sleek design and amazing capabilities, Sparx needed a fully responsive, eye-catching site to encourage new customers and investors. Along with this, the company needed a quick turnaround on the site to coincide with the company’s extensive marketing and social media campaigns. To launch the product, Knectar’s development team worked quickly and efficiently to create a static site for phase one of the project while meeting the company’s deadlines.

After the static site was up and live, allowing customers to pre-order the sharpeners, Knectar, Sparx, and Magnifico turned towards designing the full e-commerce site, backed by an easy-to-use CMS.

A custom Shopify implementation turned out to be the right solution, and the Sparx team now has a site that is ready to grow with them as they build their new brand.


As a new product, it was vital for Sparx to have a website that would set the precedent for future sales, investments, and customers. In this case, Sparx needed a website that could do all of these things while being visually pleasing and accessible to users. In order to do this, Knectar developed a static site in under two weeks as the initial phase of the project.

With the quick turn-around timeline of Phase 1 left behind, the Knectar, Sparx, and Magnifico teams could pace things nicely for Phase 2. A thorough discovery and spec’ing process soon revealed that Shopify would be the best platform to support the needs of the Sparx team heading forward. Combined with a custom design from Magnifico, the Knectar team customized the Shopify site to make sure that all of the branding, marketing, and sales needs would be covered. Integrations with Hubspot and social media gives the Sparx team a handle on their marketing and leads, while the tried and true ecommerce backend of the Shopify site ensures that orders are accepted and placed for the revolutionary new product.

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