Website Planning for Smartlabs

The Goal

When the good folks at SmartLabs came to us they had a couple of simple goals in mind: to have a nice new website to showcase their business, and to do it fast. This is a common goal for prospective clients and it elicits a common concern. How do you make something quickly without it being low quality? For these projects we use our tried and true website planning methods.

The Importance of Website Planning

We make the effort to listen to our clients and help them to understand the bigger picture of what they’re trying to achieve. Once we do that we parse what we’ve learned into short term and long term goals. Then we break the goals out into phases.

First Things First, Not Everything First

In the first phase of the project, SmartLabs needed a basic website. Something that would allow prospective clients to find them and reach out to them for more information. With that in mind, we determined that the goal of phase one should be to build a simple, static brochure site. Just a few templates so prospective customers can see what SmartLabs is all about. A relatively short project that would result in something small but beautiful. But don’t be fooled; the site wasn’t bare bones. Even the simple brochure site had integrations with SmartLabs’ preferred analytics and marketing services: Hubspot and Google Analytics.

Where Did We Go From There?

Phase two was all about creating a powerful Drupal 8 website for the SmartLabs team’s long term goals. And because we’d made the responsible decision to prioritize and eliminate the pressing requirement which had been putting the most pressure on us in phase one, phase two was relaxed and smooth.

Our smart planning and hard work resulted in a state of the art Drupal 8 app which allows the SmartLabs team to effortlessly promote news about their business, show off the growing set of services they offer, and most importantly, continue to impress prospective clients. We’re excited to continue supporting the SmartLabs team as we watch them grow!

Hey, That Sounds Like What I’m Going Through!

Do you have an idea for a project, but you don’t know how you’re going to get it done? Great! We can definitely help with that. We offer consultations which can help you to organize your plans into a smart roadmap. Head over to our contact page and send us a note. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you turn your vision into a reality!

Collaborator: Fairfolk