A New Shopify Plus Site for Pioneer Valley Books

A Longstanding Relationship

We’ve been fortunate to support Pioneer Valley Books as they’ve re-imagined their online presence multiple times over the years. From supporting a legacy Magento application, to developing a new Magento site whose focus was to branch out to a new market, and then migrating their legacy Magento application into a state of the art Shopify Plus store. It’s been our honor to assist Pioneer Valley Books in their noble goal of promoting strong literacy skills in children in Western Massachusetts and all over the world.

From Magento to Shopify

In 2013, Pioneer Valley Books came to us looking for help. They’d recently built a new Magento site and needed a developer to help them maintain it. The site was quite custom, but that didn’t phase our team. Not only were we were able to seamlessly take the torch from their previous development team, we were also able to help Pioneer Valley Books extend their site keep up with the needs to their customers and business in general.

Time to Upgrade

After some time with their legacy site, the time finally came for Pioneer Valley Books to upgrade to a new website with a more modern feel. The team decided to make the jump from Magento to Shopify Plus and we were thrilled to be able to help them make that transition. We partnered with Tunnel 7, who created a beautiful new design, to develop a powerful new website.

The Need for Advanced Customization

While Shopify Plus is a phenomenal system, our clients often find that it’s capabilities alone are not enough. So our team is always concocting cutting edge ways to extend whatever platform we’re building on to help our clients achieve their precise vision for their website.

In this case, while Pioneer Valley Books’ site is technically built on Shopify Plus, the real power comes from a layer that leverages a custom search service called Algolia. From whether it’s for their custom knowledge base, advanced search functionality, or powerful filtering and product organization, Algolia is the savior that allowed us to keep telling Pioneer Valley Books, “yes, we can do that.”

But that’s not all! We leveraged Globo’s Request a Quote app to develop a time-saving custom quote feature. Now customers can to reach out to the Pioneer Valley Books team for a custom quote in just a few clicks. A considerable upgrade from the old call and wait system their team and customers had grown accustomed to. There is also advanced shipping logic from Intuitive Shipping, and a tool that allows Pioneer Valley Books to build custom forms on a whim.

Sign Me Up!

Performing a migration from Magento to Shopify is no small task. That said, our team has now performed so many of these migrations that we make them feel like a breeze. Creating custom Shopify themes, migrating all of your data, and helping you navigate through Shopify’s app store are just a few of the services which we can handle for you. If you need help planning and developing your Shopify or Shopify Plus store, reach out to us for a no obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Collaborator: Tunnel 7