Shopify eCommerce Website for Fire Cider

Fire Cider and Their New Shopify eCommerce Website

It’s always cool to be able to work with a well respected local brand and support our home of Western Massachusetts. So when the folks from Fire Cider contacted us to build them a brand new Shopify eCommerce website we jumped at the chance to do so.

The Benefit of a Good Recipe

As Fire Cider can tell you, the success of a product is typically determined by the recipe you use to create it. You need to know the exact outcome you’re going for and have a solid plan in place for how you’re going to get there before you begin.

The truth is that a website design and development are no different. Before you begin a design or write a letter of code you need to be sure about your short term and long term goals. Then, once those goals are clear, you want to organize them into a well thought out project road map. So when we went out to Pittsfield, MA to meet with the Fire Cider team, our main objective was to help them craft a recipe for the success of their website.

The Ingredients

We began our meeting by discussing Fire Cider’s vision for their website, and their business as a whole, over the next few years. Those discussions provided us with a nice idea of what needed to be done now verses what would need to be done down the road.

Fire Cider were clear about a few things that were launch critical. In addition to the basics, Fire Cider were looking for a sleek design refresh. Additionally, the new website would definitely needed to integrate with their inventory management system, DEAR Inventory, and their accounting software, Xero. They also wanted Shopify to communicate with their marketing software, Klaviyo. And they wanted customers to be able to find Fire Cider product in person. We leveraged Stockist for that last one.

In the end the planning paid off and we were able to provide Fire Cider with a beautiful, powerful Shopify Plus website. We expect that they’ll be able to use their new platform to boost their eCommerce presence, streamline their internal team’s workflow, and provide their customers with a way to simply and efficiently find and buy more of their products.

Sounds Delicious!

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