Website building involves more than just web development. There are a lot of things to consider when building a website. Most small businesses and non-profits immediately look to the programming and design elements that impact budget, but there are additional considerations that can have a huge impact on the development process. 

There are several main costs to the development process. Each have options and a variety of budgets, we’ll take a look at some of the most common costs.


  • Domain registration

Registering your domain name is required to successfully displaying a website on the internet. To register your business, you will need to purchase a name from a recognized domain registrar. Domain registrars are certified businesses that sell domain names like


  • Web hosting

If a domain is the name of your website, then website hosting is where your website is located. Hosting your website is similar to renting office space on the web; a physical location where your website files are stored and where site visitors arrive to view your website. Hosting is typically provided by a separate business or can be resold as a service through a website developer/agency.

Hosting your website in the right environment and on the right server is the difference between long term success and pending disaster. Choosing the right host can produce faster page load speeds, improved search engine performance, and even support in critical situations. 


  • Website development

Building the right architecture and page templates can make all the difference between an effective website that delivers against your objectives and a pretty website that does not.  Building an effective visitor experience, often referred to as UX for user experience, is both a science and an art.  But without doing it there is no point in investing in a new website.  The key elements in UX planning include site architecture to map out you whole site, wireframes to map out each page, and templates that take the logic of your architecture and wireframes and put it into practice.


  • On-going maintenance

Websites don’t just get maintained by themselves. Besides all the initial investments, a considerable amount of money is required for the site maintenance.


The best website upgrades its strategy with the current trends and updates itself from time to time. If the website is using an e-commerce transaction platform or an email service to publish newsletters, you will be typically charged on monthly basis. Maintenance costs vary depending upon your expectations from the agency or the developer.


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