Post-launch website maintenance and support

With Knectar, you can build a post-launch website maintenance plan for Drupal and Magento, to suit your needs and support the growth of your website.

Post-launch website maintenance and support

Unlike many web development firms that are only comfortable handling the initial design and build of websites, Knectar excels in ensuring the long term health of the software, as well as the support and expansion needs of organizations, through our extensive website maintenance plan packages.

Our maintenance plans are designed to ensure that systems are all backed up, maintained in source control systems, and include multiple instances (e.g. “dev” and “stage” instances) of sites for testing purposes.

Maintenance comprises monitoring website security, responsiveness, speed, and future browser compatibility.

Support plans span a range of services from day-to-day phone, email and ticketing system support, to budgeting time to address the evolving needs of the website’s end-users and administrators. We also support content entry and migration needs.

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