Salesforce Integration

Integrating CRMs into your Custom Web Development Project with Knectar

Drupal Salesforce integration

Whether your company is currently using Salesforce, or you are contemplating using this powerful CRM software, you probably already know that Salesforce can do wonders for your business by helping you to:

  • Generate more leads

  • Better your customer satisfaction rate

  • Monitor and manage aspects of your business

  • Coordinate your marketing efforts across your organization

But did you know that it could be so much more when connected with your website?

When it comes to collecting customer data, leads, email sign-ups, or inquiries, your website is on the front line, compiling new contacts and prospects every day. And although we’re sure that receiving that information in the form of an email or report from your website is still very beneficial to your end result, wouldn’t it be fabulous if all that data went directly into Salesforce automatically? Fortunately for Drupal users, it can!

Salesforce integration for your Drupal website: The Salesforce Suite

The Drupal Salesforce module is the leading module that offers full integration of any Drupal form with Salesforce. It’s community-supported and receives regular updates to ensure that it’s always working to its full potential, both pushing and pulling data from your greatest marketing tool, your website!

Here at Knectar, we are accustomed to supporting our Drupal, custom web development projects with their Salesforce integration needs. By installing and testing the module’s integration, and creating customized field maps to ensure your data is driven to the proper place, we can assure you that your company is always obtaining and working with the most up to date information, all in one convenient place.

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