Shopify Web Development Services

Knectar provides advanced Shopify support services for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Shopify Support

Exceptional Shopify Support for your Business

Shopify has emerged as a powerhouse hosted e-commerce platform for businesses large and small. Knectar began working with Shopify in 2015 and we’ve been watching it become a preferred platform for our e-commerce clients. Our goal at Knectar is to provide custom themes and exceptional Shopify support services that will help you to elevate your customer’s e-commerce experience.

What is Shopify?

Since 2006, Shopify has been refining their platform with one specific goal in mind: to make selling your products online easy. The draw is simple; they take care of the initial setup of an e-commerce website for you. Out of the box they have some basic responsive themes, a proprietary payment gateway, ability to get shipping rates from major carriers. It’s really handy for smaller businesses to get up and running quick.

But What the Heck is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s version of enterprise software. It includes all of the great tools Shopify provides and gives you some additional perks like:

  • Advanced Shopify apps that can only be leveraged by Shopify Plus customers.
  • Access to Shopify’s wholesale store functionality.
  • Ability to customize your checkout workflow.
  • and, as they say, even more!

So Why do I Need Knectar’s Help?

Because, while setting up a simple Shopify store is indeed easy, your business is more than likely not simple. We’re here to help you with all of the complex tasks that you encounter down the road. Our mission is to make the journey of creating your e-Commerce website as painless as possible.

Custom Shopify Themes

Our team can help you design and create a custom theme which is tailored to your exact vision and goals for your customer’s experience. We’ll guide you through the entire process of conception, planning, revision, execution, and refinement of your bespoke Shopify theme.

Custom Apps

It’s no secret that, most of the time, Shopify stores need to be extended to meet specific customer’s goals. This is typically done via their app store. The catch is that not all apps are created equal. Our team of exceptional Shopify developers can help you navigate through an unregulated app store which is filled with apps whose code is not up to quality standards.

But what if the app you need doesn’t exist yet? We’ve got you covered! Our team also offers custom app development so you can provide your customers the precise experience you want them to enjoy.

Wow, This Sounds Great

Oh, we’re so glad you think so! If you’d like our help with building your Shopify or Shopify Plus store, send us a message. We look forward continuing to support companies who are hoping to leverage and benefit from Shopify or Shopify Plus!



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