Oxford Performance Materials

Project Brief

Custom Corporate Web Development

With the growth of the company increasing at a quick pace, Oxford Performance Materials needed a corporate website that would be able to grow along with them. Their past static site wasn’t cutting in it terms of being able to easily update, and as a result, their continuously-changing products and business lines weren’t being promoted appropriately.

Working with an independent designer and after a thorough information architecture discovery period, Knectar developed a Drupal 7 site that would serve OPM’s needs both immediately, and as they grow in the future.

A flexible layout (helped by the Blocks Placer module) and user-selected themes allows one site to be separated into three business lines, while still maintaining the branding and design standards of the parent company.


Built on Drupal 7 and hosted on Pantheon, the OPM site has gone from a complicated static site to a fully source-controlled, easy to deploy setup, with different environments that allow for troubleshooting and experimentation.

Being able to designate a piece of content as belonging to a particular business line also allows content to flow freely around the site and be promoted to the correct locations without unnecessary input from the content creation team, insuring the site stays fresh and interesting for visitors.
Long format pages built with individual blocks means that the site is almost unlimited in its expansion possibilities, allowing the site to grow and change as OPM itself grows and changes.

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