American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)

Project Brief

The advantages of Drupal website development

Seeking to expand their following, AIER came to us to provide them with an elegant, easy to use Drupal 7 content management system. Since AIER had been a long-time Drupal website development user with a pre-existing Drupal 6 site, we made it a point to improve on the functionality they’d become accustomed to without compromising what they’d grown to know and love.

One of our main objectives was to simplify what AIER needed to do to manage their site and we did just that. Sixteen types of content were simplified to six and we trimmed away a lot of extraneous, unused code. As a result the site is now a simple, sleek and speedy content management system with a beautiful responsive web design.

We continue to support AIER, as well as maintain nearly all aspects of their website. Our continuing relationship with AIER includes making sure their site is secure and up-to-date, tuning their server to be sure the site is running optimally and assisting their team with everyday questions.


This is definitely a site that has been tailored to AIER needs:

  • A responsive design was built from the ground up and provides an optimal user experience on desktop computers, tablet, and smart phones.
  • Our customized, user-friendly block tool allows AIER to create and add blocks to any page of their site with ease.
  • A completely custom file structure allows AIER to manage their assets in an intuitive yet powerful way.
  • Separate home page and inner page carousels allow AIER to promote strategic content on nearly every page of their site.
  • Research article’s copy, design and categorization changes automatically depending on the age of the article.
  • The site houses nearly one hundred years of archived content, all of which was efficiently and easily migrated from their previous site.
  • Advanced reporting and search tools ensure that AIER’s users rarely get a 404 page on their site.

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Collaborator: Tunnel 7