Why Salesforce Integration for Drupal Works.

When Knectar built the Eze Software website last year, we built out several custom features for handling all the content and “request a demo” form submissions that they would be getting through their new site. However, it soon became apparent that extra work was being created, having to port the Drupal submissions over to their already-established CRM, Salesforce. So together, the two teams started putting together a plan for a Salesforce integration for Drupal.

To make this integration go as seamlessly as possible, we used the Drupal Salesforce module.  This well-known community-supported module offers support for full integration of Drupal forms with Salesforce, for both pushing and pulling data. In addition to the module, Knectar created customized field mapping to make sure the data ends where it needs to in Salesforce, to make things as easy as possible for the Eze marketing team.

With this integration, Eze Software is better equipped to manage their sales information and content easily.