How does Knectar’s new extension help Multi-Store Magento Websites?

It’s not uncommon for our clients to request changes or updates to their sites after the sites have gone live, and as always, we’re happy to make these changes. Occasionally, while making these changes, we come across challenges that haven’t been solved by the world-wide community that require custom solutions. Recently one of our clients requested the addition of a second store to their Magento site. They also wanted their home page to become a landing page, offering their customers the option to go to either their old store or their new store. Each store would now be accessible via a subfolder of the site.

While performing the update we uncovered issues configuring the site’s new URL path settings, which resulted in unpleasant 404 errors in some places, harming SEO and customer experience. Thankfully, with skilled developers on hand, we were able to solve this problem, and still allow for a landing page and different options and views for the two stores.

In the spirit of open source, we contributed this work around to the Magento community, with the hope that it can help others who find themselves with the same error we did. To learn more or install this extension click here!