The core Drupal Blocks functionality is a powerful tool; however, we’ve found that there is a steep learning curve involved in training our clients on how to utilize this aspect of their CMS. Using that observation as inspiration, the Knectar team has worked to develop and contribute a series of custom modules to tailor Drupal’s built-in block functionality to our client’s needs. We wanted to make sure that our new Blocks Placer tool could be utilized by any content admin, regardless of technical ability or Drupal knowledge.

With a friendly user interface and a variety of admin-controlled customization options, the Blocks Placer module brings a new level of flexibility to Drupal for the average, non-technical user. No longer does one need to add snippets of a URL to a field. The user can simply go to the page they want the block to be nested on and add it, on the same screen used to edit that page’s content.

Our UI allows an admin to manage where blocks are nested on a page via a drag-and-drop field. You can also determine whether to override blocks that were embedded the standard Drupal way, or if an entire region of the page should be visible or not. Not sure what a region is? A preview link has been included so that a user knows just where their new blocks will appear.

Drupal blocks placer module


We’ve used this module (and variations) many of our recent site productions within the past few years, and have received nothing but positive feedback. We have been actively improving it based on user suggestions and our own in-house experiences. The module is actively maintained, and any security patches or potential upgrades will be promptly addressed, as the module is heavily utilized on many sites that we regularly maintain. We encourage the Drupal community to try it for themselves, and we are looking forward to feedback and/or suggestions for improvements.

Our most recent module, “Blocks Placer”, is now available to the Drupal community
Contributed by: Michael Zaremba – Project Manager, Karina Laurenitis – Assistant Web Producer