Our partners at Arnold Worldwide are always sending unique challenges our way when it comes to designing the awesome user experiences at Jack Daniels and The Order of Gentlemen. So when they asked us to help with the development of a “how to order The Order” tool for The Order, we were more than excited to hear what they had in mind.

A Drupal Calculator Tool at a Glance:

drupal calculator

The newest campaign involves the “How Should I Order the Order?” tool, designed to help members of The Order figure out the proper drink for a variety of occasions. Meant to be re-useable from season to season with various drinks, this Drupal calculator tool involves a complex compilation of behind-the-scenes game logic. Created in Drupal, this fun, completely-responsive game presented the Knectar development team with a tricky set of challenges that we met head on.

Are you a member of The Order of Gentlemen yet? Check out www.whatistheorder.com to sign up, and figure out how to order your Order!